Pramesti Malima Energi Fokus Sejahtera

Established in 2016 and engaged in the processing and marketing of fishery products, Poklahsar PRAMESTI MALIMA ENERGI FOKUS SEJAHTERA (abbreviated: PMEFS, read: pimefs), is a business group that diversifies processed fish products based on Zero Waste (without waste) through the application of TATULITI (Fishbone and Skin Savings) production management system. PMEFS, which consists of housewives, female heads of household, and young women, was formed on the basis of shared desires and goals, namely achieving financial independence, increasing family income and welfare, as well as developing insight and skills in entrepreneurship. Through the management of 1-Stop Production, 1-Stop Marketing, and Cibu-Cibu Contributions, PMEFS members carry out the production process at the Fish Processing Unit (UPI) with SKP/GMP standards as a joint production house and produce a variety of processed fish products that are quality, safe, and suitable for consumption. consumed by society.

Merchant Address
Jalan Merak No 4 Kelurahan Palangka Kecamatan Jekan Raya Kota Palangka Raya